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I found it in the 1980s. Until that moment I did not really know that antiques existed. It was made about the time of the Revolution. Paul Revere probably touched it. George Washington too. I put it n... See More

A sensational folk art house portrait!

The resolution of photos on my website can’t be as large as I’d like or the pages would take too long to open. So often there is more detail to be seen than the on-line photos show. Take f... See More

The real economics of an antique show.

I often get asked how much it costs to do an antique show.  Here is an example:  Recently, I exhibited at a fine show about 400 miles away with room-setting walls and a regional audience.  I travel... See More


Portrait Miniature of a Charming Blue Eyed Young Woman Attributed to Jane Anthony (JA) Davis

Probably Rhode Island or Connecticut, ca. 1830's. Watercolor on wove paper. Given the puffy-sleeve dress, which was fashionable in the 1830's, this portrait is among Davis' earlier works, since mos... See More

Three Graduated Shaker Oval Storage Boxes.....SALE PENDING

Probably New Lebanon Bishopric, ca. 1850. Maple and pine secured by copper rivets and brads. Exceedingly rare set, i.e., same hand, same form, same paint. Sets such as these are seldom found. Surf... See More

Special examples of American 18th and 19th century paint decorated objects, folk paintings, folk art, historical wooden ware, and early furniture.