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A sensational folk art house portrait!

The resolution of photos on my website can’t be as large as I’d like or the pages would take too long to open. So often there is more detail to be seen than the on-line photos show. Take f... See More

The real economics of an antique show.

I often get asked how much it costs to do an antique show.  Here is an example:  Recently, I exhibited at a fine show about 400 miles away with room-setting walls and a regional audience.  I travel... See More


Many years ago, before I was a dealer, I bought a small, mid-18th century painting of a boy holding a candle as a gentleman read.  It was probably a study for a larger work.  It was on a thick, smal... See More


Carved and Articulated Dancing Figure.....SALE PENDING

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, ca. late 19th century. Especially well-done example carved from wood in original paint and retaining long curly hair. The high boots anchor black paints with striped-high... See More

Cutwork, Woven and Pinprick Paper Love Tokens.....One by the Heart-in-Hand Artist.....SALE PENDING

From the C. Goodrich Family, Chelsea, Vermont., ca. 1840-1860. The first by the heart-in-hand artist of a tiny cut-out hand with applied heart, embellished with watecolor dots, the sleeve also with ... See More

Special examples of American 18th and 19th century paint decorated objects, folk paintings, folk art, historical wooden ware, and early furniture.